Our Mission: supporting people and communities

to do good well.

We believe that an ethical life involves using some of our wealth and resources to save and improve the lives of those less fortunate than us. We strive to help empower and provide for our community and those in need so with the tools, support, and ideals they need so that they may experience a fulfilling life and, God-willing, give back to those still struggling.


We're always planning something! Whether big or small, we have a list of events we like to get through. We try to host a reasonable amount of a work, without consuming too much time. If you notice in the calendar, we also have events hosted by the wonderful people we work with, as well as events being hosted by causes we support.

If you'd like to get to know more information about our events, just click on the date. We also have a history of previous events and projects that we are very proud of. 


What's Going On?

There are a lot of stuff that we've been working with, and even more that we can't wait to start. Here's a few highlights of our most recent projects.


The New Beginnings Project

A local community project based in Orange County, Californa that links resources for resettled Syrian refugees. It was founded by a group of Syrian American s who volunteered their time to help refugee families better assimilate to their new life in te U.S.

Hearts of Mercy helped by hosting a fundraising brunch in collaboration with the New Beginnings Project. The fundraiser generated a lot of funds to give back.


The Passions Project

They say that kids are the future, and we believe that. Working alongside New Horizon Elementary School, Hearts of Mercy Foundation initiated the passion project, prompting the youth to use their passion to pay it forward.

We already know kids have boundless drive and positivity. We support their upstanding ideas in order to make their philanthropic dreams a reality. And you wouldn't believe how much they've accomplished.